NHL: New York Islanders at Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins skate during warmups prior to a game against the New York Islanders on April 16 at TD Garden. Starting May 10, the team will be allowed to have 4,656 fans in attendance at games.

The playoffs are right around the corner for the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins — and they’ll get a huge boost at TD Garden starting May 10. Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker announced Tuesday several relaxed COVID-19 measures, which included indoor stadiums like TD Garden, allowing for the bump in attendance.

The measures apply to Fenway Park, too.

Fans back at Celtics and Bruins games isn’t a new phenomenon. The C’s have had supporters back indoors since March 29 while the B’s have had them back starting March 25. But those games have been limited to 12% capacity. That will more than double starting May 10 to 25% capacity.

The timing works great for both teams ahead of their playoff runs. The NHL regular season ends on May 8, with the playoffs starting May 11. The NBA regular season stretches a little longer with the playoffs starting May 22.

The Celtics have one regular-season game, May 11 vs. Miami, where they can open the doors to the new 25% capacity, then it’ll spill over into the playoffs.

Having fans back at all was a new experience for both teams in late-March, as they’ve played in empty arenas for months once the regular seasons started up. The crowds have been vocal, creating a home-ice or home-court advantage, but it’s not quite the same as a packed house.

The 12% capacity for Bruins game was 2,142 fans, while 25% will be 4,656 fans.

TD Garden capacity for Bruins games is 18,624.

For Celtics games, the venue’s capacity is 19,580, where 12% was about 2,350 fans while 25% will be 4,895 fans.

Fenway faithful

Fenway Park is about to feel a little bit more normal. Starting May 10, large venues in Massachusetts, including Fenway, can increase their capacity from 12% to 25%.

Fenway will be able to hold roughly 9,400 fans for games beginning May 11 against the A’s.

Through the first 16 home games of the year, the Red Sox have hosted 4,500-4,700 fans. They’ll play three more games with 12% capacity — from May 4-6 against the Tigers — before going to 25% for a six-game homestand against the A’s and Angels from May 11-16.

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