A day after he failed to yell “Fore!” when he hit an errant shot, Kyle Stanley revisited the issue on Saturday and refused to be remorseful about it.

“To me, it’s kind of a non-issue,” he said.

On hole 17 during Friday’s second round at The Open Championship at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland, Stanley’s hit off the tee hit the mother of the caddie of his playing partner, Robert MacIntyre.

MacIntyre criticized Stanley for his inaction.

“I said I wasn’t happy,” MacIntyre, a 22-year-old Scot, said. “He didn’t really like my response. He’s the only one I’ve seen do that. It was straight into the crowd. It was into the crowd from the word go. And we’re expecting him to shout ‘Fore.’”

Stanley said plenty of others did, though.

“Five or six people yelled ‘Fore.’ My caddie did, my two playing partners, a couple of the marshals. So I thought that was enough,” he said.

The 31-year-old Stanley, who has two PGA Tour wins to his credit, added: “He made the argument that since I hit the ball, it maybe should’ve come out of my mouth first.

“It certainly wasn’t my intention to put anyone in harm’s way. I had my wife in the gallery, and my coaches.”

The woman reportedly was not injured by the golf ball.