Former Celtic Kyrie Irving returns to the Garden with the Brooklyn Nets on Nov. 27.

With the NBA schedule unveiled Monday, the remaining 3½ months of what’s already been an entertaining sports year in Boston are loaded. So budget your ticket money and plan your days off and bar nights accordingly for what’s still to come in chronological order:

Sept 8: Yankees at Red Sox, Steelers at Patriots — Both games are at 8 p.m. in Massachusetts. If you don’t have a ticket to the Patriots game where they’ll raise the Super Bowl banner, go to a bar. In fact go to the right-field roof bar at Fenway Park and watch both.

If the season isn’t already over for the Red Sox now, it probably will be by then. But Sox-Yankees is special. Pats vs. Steelers is special. This is the unofficial handoff between baseball and football season.

Sept. 15: Patriots at Dolphins — On paper it looks like a mismatch, but this is always a tough one for the Patriots on the road, especially when it’s hot. Former Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores gets a crack at his mentor and the Patriots try to avenge the Miami Miracle.

Sept. 17: Mike Yastrzemski (and the Giants) at Fenway — If you’re not old enough to understand why this is special you can go and boo Pablo Sandoval.

Sept. 22: Patriots vs. Jets — The Fightin’ Sam Darnold fans think the Jets are ready to take a step. If they’re right, this is a big game. If not, it still fires up the traditional Foxborough vs. East Rutherford rivalry.

Sept. 29: Pats at Bills/Orioles vs. Red Sox — Fun prop bet: More home runs given up by Orioles starters or interceptions thrown by Josh Allen? It’s also the last day the Red Sox will be playing as the defending champs.

Oct. 3: Bruins at Dallas — Season opener for the Bruins, who’ll face ol’ pal Tyler Seguin in Texas.

Oct. 6: Patriots at Redskins — Not the most electric game on the slate, but it does mark the return to action for tight end Ben Watson after his four-game suspension for PEDs.

Oct 10: Patriots vs. Giants — A little Thursday night football action at Gillette. Will Eli Manning still be the starter at this point? If so, is it the last time Brady faces a Manning brother?

Oct. 12: Devils at Bruins — The home opener for the Bruins, who’ll try to defend their Eastern Conference crown against P.K. Subban and the possibly-on-the-rise Devils.

Oct. 17: Tampa Bay at Boston — The Bruins are the defending conference champs, the Lightning are the favorites to dethrone them. This should be a fun early test.

Oct. 21: Patriots at Jets — Rob Gronkowski’s first game back after unretiring. Just kidding. It’s Pats vs. Jets again.

Oct. 23: Celtics at Sixers — Al Horford’s former teammates visit his new digs as Boston and Philly revisit their reshuffled rivalry in the season opener.

Oct. 25: Toronto at Boston — THE DEFENDING CHAMPS VISITING FOR THE HOME OPENER! Well, except their best player left to sign with the Clippers. So it’s more like: the defending champs are visiting for the home opener but COME SEE KEMBA WALKER’S DEBUT!

Oct. 26: Blues at Bruins/Celtics at Knicks — Well, the Bruins rematch with the Blues at 7 p.m. is clearly the marquee event, but the Celtics facing old friend Marcus Morris at 7 p.m. at Madison Square Garden should be fun.

Oct. 27: Browns at Patriots/Bruins vs. Rangers — Cleveland-New England might be one of the best games of the year, while the Bruins follow the Celtics into MSG one night later.

Oct. 29: Sharks at Bruins — Probably Joe Thornton’s last trip to Boston.

Oct. 30: Bucks at Celtics — Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Eastern Conference-favorite Bucks visit Boston the night before Halloween.

Nov. 13: Wizards at Celtics — It should be really fun if Isaiah Thomas is finally healthy when he visits this time.

Nov. 17: Patriots at Eagles — This is the first real meeting since the teams’ Super Bowl LII showdown. It’ll also pit Michael Bennett against his former team.

Nov. 24: Cowboys at Patriots — Two of the NFL’s most powerful owners and their very good football teams go head-to-head.

Nov. 27: Nets at Celtics — This is the night before one of those holidays Kyrie Irving doesn’t celebrate and the Boston fans aren’t likely to be all that welcoming to their former star when he and his Brooklyn teammates visit.

Dec. 1: Celtics at Knicks/Canadiens at Bruins/Patriots at Texans — If you spent too much time talking to relatives on Thanksgiving, this the real sports holiday with a pair of traditional rivalries and a growing one. Basketball is early at 3:30 p.m., followed by hockey at 7 and football at 8:20.

Dec. 3: Hurricanes at Bruins — Think they visitors will wear Whalers uniforms again?

Dec. 7: Avalanche at Bruins — Former UMass star and Hobey Baker winner Cale Makar and the Colorado Avalanche visit the Garden.

Dec. 8: Chiefs at Patriots — The much-anticipated rematch of last season’s exciting AFC championship game.

Dec. 12: Sixers at Celtics — Horford will likely receive a warm welcome back to the Garden and perhaps a tribute video.

Dec. 22: Bills at Patriots/Hornets at Celtics — The Patriots’ game is at 1 p.m. and Terry Rozier’s Hornets visit at 6 p.m. Cooperative traffic would certainly make it possible to catch both games.

Dec. 25: Celtics at Raptors — This isn’t quite as sexy a matchup as it would have seemed last year.

Dec. 29: Dolphins at Patriots — If this game means something to the Patriots, that means many things went wrong earlier in the season.