NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan

Josh Uche, right, rushes from the edge while playing for Michigan against Rutgers last September.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, New England inked Uche to a four-year rookie deal on Wednesday. He’s the second member of the entire draft to sign, following Baltimore’s fifth-round pick Broderick Washington.

Bill Belichick clearly likes Uche’s game. The Patriots traded up to No. 60 overall to select the edge rusher out of Michigan.

The second-rounder was quick to connect with linebackers coach Jerod Mayo, too. Appearing on the Next Pats Podcast hosted by Phil Perry, Uche said it took only a few minutes for the two of them to pin the Patriots defense down.

“The first WebEx meeting I had with the Patriots was with coach Mayo and he taught me the defense in, I’d want to say, two minutes,” Uche said. “And he taught it to me so well that I was able to recite it to him after when he started asked questions, ‘OK, what do you do when this happens, this, this and this?’

“That’s just a testament how good a coach he is just in a short amount of time he could teach me the basics of the defense... I definitely feel like coach Mayo is the best in the business.”