It didn’t take long for Tom Brady to go all-out in preparation for the New England Patriots’ first matchup of the 2018 NFL playoffs.

When the Los Angeles Chargers stripped Lamar Jackson to end a final comeback bid by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, the Divisional Round matchup for Gillette Stadium was set — and Brady went to work preparing for a new challenge.

During his regular appearance on WEEI’s “Mut & Callahan” show, Brady said that he was “up watching film all night” on the Chargers. The way Brady sees it, that’s the way you have to approach things. With one loss separating the Patriots from the season ending, the pressure is at an all time high.

“You’ve got 65 plays left. You have two or three bad ones and that’s the season,” Brady said. “You never want it to come down to that. You never really want you to be the reason why things don’t go well. So there’s an intense pressure. I already felt it last night after that game ended. I was up watching film all night. So that’s the way it is.”

How late? Brady wouldn’t get into specifics when pressed for a bedtime.

“It was pretty late last night,” Brady said. “I had a lot of film to watch and I was up pretty late.”

For Brady, everything that happens between now and Sunday afternoon needs to be geared toward putting the team in the best position to beat Los Angeles.

“This is the biggest week of the year for me,” Brady said. “Everything’s focused on what we need to do. You can’t watch enough film on weeks like this. You can’t get enough rest, get enough treatment, get enough training, get enough practice. It’s all about what we’ve got to do to be at our best for the biggest three hours of the season. That’s when the ball kicks off.”