FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Following in the footsteps of Mookie Betts, Rafael Devers did not agree to a contract with the Red Sox for the 2020 season.

Instead, the Red Sox renewed Devers' contract at $692,500 for 2020, according to an industry source.

Devers is not eligible for salary arbitration until next year. Pre-arb players often agree to terms with the club, which can choose to offer them salaries at or above the MLB minimum ($563,500 in 2020) based on service time and performance. If they do not agree, the club decides on any salary above the minimum.

The Red Sox typically offer their pre-arb players higher salaries than most other clubs. But a player can choose to not agree to the contract, as Devers did on Monday and as Betts did in his final year before he was arbitration eligible.

"Both sides didn't agree and that's OK, that's part of business," Betts said when he was renewed at $950,000 in 2017. "When you just stand for something, you kind of stand for it. I think that's kind of my view on it."

The Sox agreed to terms on a contract with every other one of their big league players for 2020.