MLB: World Series Champions Boston Red Sox-White House Visit

President Donald Trump speaks at a ceremony honoring the 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox on the South Lawn at the White House on Thursday.

President Donald Trump delivered a nearly 10-minute speech to Boston Red Sox players and coaches who celebrated their 2018 World Series title at the White House on Thursday.

President Trump walked out with slugger J.D. Martinez and ace Chris Sale. He shook hands with Nathan Eovaldi after talking about the righty's 6 innings of relief (97 pitches) during extra innings of 18-inning Game 3 of the World Series.

He also asked shook hands with World Series MVP Steve Pearce and asked, "You're doing well this year? Pretty well this year, right?"

Pearce -- who's hitting .111 in 54 at-bats -- didn't have much to say in reply. He just sort of smiled.

"He's doing well this year," President Trump said. "When it counts he really does well. Those are the ones we really like."

The president also mentioned Sale's World Series Game 4 dugout speech and his 14-strikeout game against the Orioles on Wednesday.

"That's called a power pitcher, by the way," President Trump said.

Martinez presented President Trump with a No. 18 Red Sox jersey.