The Red Sox announced Friday that they have increased their commitment to help ballpark workers impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic from $1 million to $1.5 million, including Aramark workers who will not be paid as long as the MLB season is suspended.

In an email to employees, team president and CEO Sam Kennedy said the team had committed an additional $500k to help ballpark concessions workers who are not able to work remotely during the coronavirus crisis.

“We are pleased to report that over the past week we have been able to expand that offering to Aramark employees by supplementing the original financial commitment to a new total of $1.5 million,” Kennedy wrote. “The Aramark family is a central part of ours (at Fenway Park and JetBlue Park), and we are glad that these individuals will now benefit from this aid.”

The Red Sox, along with the other 29 major league teams, originally announced a $1 million commitment to pay ballpark workers affected by the postponement of the season. They upped their commitment to include Aramark workers after the Boston Herald’s Jason Mastrodonato reported those employees were petitioning the Red Sox to provide help after not being included in the original payment plan and being told that Aramark was not planning to pay employees for lost wages.

“While the Sox and every other MLB team pledged $1 million each to help support hourly workers during the pandemic, those funds were applicable only to the 1,300 employees who worked directly for the Red Sox,” Mastrodonato reported. “The third party employees who call Fenway Park their office during the baseball season feel left behind.”

Kennedy wrote that the Red Sox Foundation is exploring additional ways to provide assistance to those affected by the coronavirus crisis, including “all members of the Red Sox family and our Red Sox Nation community at large.”