TWO NIGHTS of short track racing are lined up at Star Speedway this weekend. “Fender Friday”, headlined by the Granite State Pro Stock Series 100, sponsored by Vynorius Pile Driving, gets the Star Classic Weekend underway. The Pro Stocks will be joined by Star’s Street Stocks, Six-Shooters and Mini Stocks and the NELCAR Legends.

IT WAS less than a year ago when Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio were lighting up Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. Three of baseball’s most talked-about prospects, two the sons of Hall of Famers, were all in the same place, overflowing with seemingly endless potential. They were the future of the Toronto Blue Jays, rays of hope for a successful rebuild.

When an aging team at the sad end of a competitive cycle decides to retool by selling off veterans and rebuilding around youth, we criticize its lack of ambition and accuse it of tanking. But when another struggling team, under .500 and on the outermost edge of contention, decides to add significant pieces at Major League Baseball’s trade deadline instead of subtracting as everyone expected, we question its sanity.

THERE IS grass growing in my driveway. Amid the hard-packed gravel, my lawn has escaped its normal boundary and spread into a new, otherwise unwelcome territory. I didn’t really consider this event significant until this morning, when I found another strange location with grass growing, the bed of my pickup.