A MOTHER’S DAY look around as the Bruins sit seven wins away from the Stanley Cup:

• First, the late, great broadcaster Ralph Kiner once saluted the special day for moms by saying, “It’s Mother’s Day, so to all you mothers out there ... Happy Birthday!”

Tuukka Rask and Brad Marchand are among the leaders in the chase for the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP.

NewArena.com has ranked the top 20 quarterbacks of all-time, with Tom Brady No. 1, followed by Joe Montana, John Elway, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre to round out the top five. On Brady, Dylan Fraychineaud wrote: “Two miraculous plays away from being 8-1 in Super Bowls, Tom Brady‘s case as the greatest quarterback of all-time is strong. With more Super Bowl appearances (9) and playoff victories than any quarterback in NFL history, Brady’s ability to win without dominant supporting casts is nothing short of incredible.

“Now a 6-time Super Bowl champion, 4-time Super Bowl MVP and 3-time NFL MVP, at 41 years old, the former Michigan Wolverine shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. With legendary performances in countless high-pressured games – none better than his masterful comeback performance against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI – Brady has safely asserted himself as the greatest quarterback of all-time.

…The Bruins’ series with Carolina moves to Raleigh for Games 3 and 4 – with former Bruins coach and CBC commentator Don Cherry no doubt ready to continue his assault on ‘Canes fans. After calling the players “a bunch of jerks” for their postgame celebrations, he said, after Carolina made it to the conference final, “I don’t embrace nothing! I said they look like a bunch of jerks being fish in the water, a bowling ball … It came down from the top, ‘I want to entertain the fans.’ The fans there now, the 17 or 18 thousand are front-runners, they’re there because they win, not because they act like fish.”

…The NFL Cardinals are excited by what they have in UMass wide receiver Andy Isabella, the 62nd pick in the draft. New coach Kliff Kingsbury was clearly thrilled at the pick, pumping his fist at the draft after the 5-foot-9 receiver was tapped.

“I never watched it, but a lot of people were telling me about it and it’s cool that they believe in me,” Isabella said in the Arizona Republic. “It’s kind of a different scenario now. Usually, no one believes in me and I’m trying to fight my way into a spot, so it looks like they believe in me a lot and hopefully I can prove them right.”

…According to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, the Patriots have yet to schedule a possible trip to the White House. The two potential problems? Working out a date for it or either one or both sides not wanting it to happen.

Mike Fiers pitched his second no-hitter, the 300th in MLB history. Our pal Dennis Eckersley pitched No. 200.

…Is it possible both Kyrie Irving and the injured Kevin Durant both played their final games for their respective teams on the same night? The Warriors winning in Houston Friday night certainly leaves the door open for Durant if he can return later in the playoffs.

…I agree with NESN. Jackie Bradley Jr.‘s catch on Aaron Judge at the corner of the bullpen at Fenway last season was better than the one he made this week in Baltimore. I can also recall others.

…The NCAA is talking about pushing the college 3-point line back to the international line in time for next season. Good. It would go from the current 20 feet, 9 inches, to 22 feet, 1¾ inches.

…The fan who caught the ball that registered Albert Pujols‘ 2,000th career RBI at first said he was keeping the ball but has changed his mind.

…Embarrassing radio moment in Boston this week when 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Fred Toucher hung up on Raleigh News-Observer reporter Chip Alexander because “I just can’t listen to a guy with a Southern accent talk about hockey.”

Alexander is a veteran pro who handled it with a lot more class than was sent his way.

Eduardo Rodriguez finally made it through seven innings Friday night for the first time since Sept. 23, 2017 in the Red Sox’ 14-1 win over Seattle. “Thank God, finally,” and everybody was like, ‘Hey finally, you got through seven, welcome, welcome,’” he said.

…I used to tease Andy Jick, telling him I hated him and his voice when his Celtics were beating my Knicks and he was the Boston Garden PA man. We became good friends over the years and were working together on the Connecticut Sun stat crew. Now, my friend Andy is gone – way too soon.

Kendrick Perkins didn’t hold back on the subject of Irving. “In this series I think the way Kyrie went about it was disrespectful to the city of Boston, disrespectful to the organization and he didn’t represent what Celtic Pride is all about,” Perk told Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd. “He was a bad leader and it was proven he’s not a Batman.”

…Mets rookie Pete Alonso hit a tape-measure homer in the ninth inning at San Diego the other night. As he took the field for the bottom of the ninth, Padres star Manny Machado reportedly said to him, “Is that all you got?” He winked.

…The Twins swept a three-game series in Toronto this week by a combined count of 20-1.

…The Warriors-Rockets series was the first in the history of the NBA where all six games were decided by six points or less.

…The Bruins’ Game 6 win at Columbus marked the first time they’d eliminated an opponent on the road in a Game 6 since they did it to the Whalers in 1991. Now they’re trying to take down the team formerly known as the Whalers.

…Fiers’ no-hitter came after the start of the game was delayed 98 minutes by a power failure – and the game was played in diminished lighting. Fiers, who entered the game with a 6.81 ERA (the highest ERA by any pitcher pulling off the feat), joined Max Scherzer, Jake Arrieta, Justin Verlander and Homer Bailey as the only active guys with two no-no’s. He also raised his career record to 57-58.

Stephen Curry, playing with an injured left hand, scored all 33 of his points in the second half of the Warriors’ win Friday night. He was 0-for-5 with three fouls in the first half. Klay Thompson kept the game tied with 21 of his 27 points. “This was just an unbelievable night,” Curry told ESPN.

Odell Beckham Jr. said he wants to help turn the Browns into the Patriots. Then, he explained, via Instagram, with, “Just to clarify, I will always aspire to be great. I haven’t reached that point in the NFL but that’s what we all chase and I’m going to continue to work to help the Browns become great. [I] never meant the Browns are the new Patriots or going to be the new Patriots. I just have great respect for what they’ve done but definitely recognize the work that has to be done to get there.”

…ESPN’s Jalen Rose on Irving: “He’s done in Boston ... (his) teammates will help him pack.”

…Top draft choice N’Keal Harry on what it means to be a New England Patriot: “It means the world to me. This is a great organization. I feel like I couldn’t have been put in a better situation. I’m learning from the best of the best and I’m just excited to get to work and soak in as much information as possible.”

…Veteran righty James Shields is still looking for a job. “I still have a lot left in the tank,” he told The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal. “Every scout I’ve thrown in front of, they’ve definitely been impressed, from what they told me at least.”

Marcus Morris, a potential unrestricted free agent and one of the guys who showed some heart in Game 5, says, “I still think we’re the better team.” I don’t.

…Great stat of the week: Toronto’s Justin Smoak scored the run on Vlad Guerrero Jr.‘s first major league RBI, and Vlad Guerrero Sr. scored the first run Smoak drove home in the bigs. Through Friday, though, that was Junior’s only RBI and he was 3-for-23.

…The Rockets lost, at home, without Durant playing on the other side, but the world got to know how important Houston’s P.J. Tucker is to his team.

…The Blue Jackets may have gotten to the second round for the first time in franchise history, but don’t try to tell John Tortorella that’s a big deal. “Don’t even go there with me. Don’t even go there with me,” he said. “I’m not going to listen to that bleep about an accomplishment, ‘you got to the second round,’ I don’t even want to listen to it.”

…The Lakers have turned into an embarrassment, I’m sure much to the dismay of Celtics fans everywhere. Lakers fans protested outside the Staples Center Friday.

…Count new Pats Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison among those who thinks Rob Gronkowski will return. “Will he be back? I believe that he will,” Harrison said. “I believe in the second half of the season he’s going to get antsy. Right now, it’s summer time and you’re hot and everybody is on you. But, I think when you sit back and you actually start missing football and you look up and say, ‘My body feels pretty good.’ I think he’ll be back. I think there’s a possibility. But also people thought I was crazy when I said last year I would sign Rob and I would sit him the first month, month and a half of the season, maybe the first couple of months and just let him play the second half of the season, the latter part of the season to keep him healthy and fresh.”

…Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez hit the “A’’ ring — the highest of Tropicana Field’s four catwalks — with a fly ball Friday night. The ball fell for a single and it was the first time in 13 years a fair ball hit that ring.

…From ESPN’s Adam Schefter: “Vincent Testaverde, son of former Bucs’ quarterback Vinny Testaverde, receives a rookie minicamp tryout with Tampa Bay.”

Mike “Doc” Emrick on the drama of a playoff game: “I sure love this sport. I hope you do too.” We do.

Dallas Keuchel wants to pitch, but refuses to settle for less than he thinks he’s worth. “If you would’ve asked me on the first day of free agency, I would have said no way I’d be here on May 6,” Keuchel told Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports. “This was not the plan at all. I would love to be out there playing ball and helping a team win. Because, to my career at this point, I’ve done more winning than I have losing and at a much higher clip.

Kyle Van Noy looking ahead at the Pats’ defending: “I’m focused on another season. I want to win again. Can’t be satisfied. We’re definitely not satisfied. If you guys saw how we’re working right now you would be pretty impressed with the grit and tenacity we’re showing in this offseason workout already.”

…Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni on the latest elimination at the hands of the Warriors: “This is gonna leaved a mark … this one hurts.”

Luis Severino and James Paxton are on the Injured List, but Domingo German improved to 7-1 with Friday night’s Yankees win at Tampa Bay. Tyler Glasnow, the losing pitcher in that game, left with a forearm problem and will miss 4-6 weeks.

…Harrison on his Pats Hall pf Fame induction via fan vote, over former teammates (and popular) Mike Vrabel and Richard Seymour: “I’m still kind of shocked because I didn’t expect it. Wow.”

… MVPs Aaron Rodgers, Christian Yelich, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Ryan Braun were all together after the Bucks eliminated the Celtics.

…Texas slugger Joey Gallo became the first player in MLB history to hit his 100th home run before his 100th single.

…Tuesday night is the NBA draft lottery. Duke’s Zion Williamson is the top prize. The Celtics have the Sacramento lottery pick, unless it’s No. 1, which would then go to Philly.

…The Bruins are 9-0 in these playoffs when scoring at least three goals. Let’s see what happens Sunday afternoon.

…Finally, wouldn’t Dustin Pedroia shock us all if he were able to make it all the way back?

Mike Shalin covers Boston pro sports for the New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News. His email address is shalinmike@yahoo.com. Follow him on Twitter @mscotshay.