The Importance of Brand Authenticity

Description: Customers crave authenticity from brands now more than ever. This could mean brands need to achieve the benefit, quality, or promise it is making to the customer. Consumers have the ability to research products and services in depth to find a brand they can stand behind. According to Social Media Today 90% of millennials, 85% of generation x, and 80% of baby boomers say authenticity is important to them when choosing which brands they support. Not being authentic on your social media page can cause a loss in customers and followers. How can you create a truly authentic brand?

    • Share user-generated content!
      This is the most authentic form of content because it comes straight from actual customers, so their review is honest.
    • Have good intentions and follow through.
      You know what they say, “the customer comes first”.
    • Make sure your marketing is consistent between platforms and creates accurate expectations.
    • Hold your brand accountable.
      Always be upfront and own your mistakes.

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