In proper Budget Vogue fashion, less is more, frugal is foremost, simple is the best of all. And on that note, this month we present a list of simple, frugal activities for COVID Summer 2020:

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#1: Make pesto. Personally, my pesto is the besto: pine nuts, fresh basil, olive oil, garlic and Parmesan cheese. Coupled with turkey and goat cheese on a French baguette, well, it’s perfection on a plate.

#2: Go body surfing. The water at North Hampton beach has been glorious. And body surfing involves no equipment, save for a body and some decent surf. I’ve been going at 6:30 a.m. to hit the waves. Paying for parking does not begin until 8 a.m. and the water is gloriously ready for some magnificent runs. A day which follows body surfing is always better.

#3: Look up at the sky. Really, put down your phone, gaze above and witness the clouds. Just stare. It’s free, it’s always open, that summer sky is perfect.

#4: Download the Thriftycast podcast on iTunes and prepare to immerse yourself in Midwest thrift shopping. I’ve been listening for years to friends who celebrate their “Find of the Week” and who make me laugh with their stories, their finds, their banter. The description reads, “Hosted by longtime friends Kathleen and Eric, Thriftycast is about thrift stores and all the magic (and total crap) they contain. YAAAAAAAY!”

#5: Invest in a great mask. While it’s not free, it’s a lot cheaper than getting COVID-19. I’m a fan of the Hermes scarf masks — talk about being right-in-your-face fashionable. Now may also be the time to create some Halloween face coverings. Or Thanksgiving or Christmas. Think ahead, Budget Voguers, think ahead.

#6: Call old friends, call your sisters, your brothers, your mother. Yes. Call. Reach out. My brother, John, called me the other day. I asked, “Who died?” but no one had. He was calling just to check in, say hello. Made my day. The last time he called me out of the blue it was 1983 on a rotary phone.

#7: Watch the Dust Bowl documentary by Ken Burns. Feeling sorry for yourself? Isolated? Hey, at least we don’t have dirt in every orifice. And if you, by chance, do? See Option #2.

#8: Donate. Donate. Donate. Donate to whatever cause you find glorious: a thrift shop, a political campaign, a GoFundMe cause. Give your time, your money, your prayers. And let’s face it, you’ve got an abundance of all three.

Finally, celebrate summer 2020 in spite of COVID, in spite of masks, in spite of ... spite. Live. Breathe. Taste. Listen. Smell. Body Surf.

It’s a glorious time to be alive in this Budget Vogue world.

Susan Dromey Heeter writes and teaches on the Seacoast. Contact her at