Oh, Voguers! It’s almost New Year’s Day! What are your resolutions? Still need one? Well, here you go; I’ll share some suggestions. Take what you want — it’s all about you!

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#1- Delight in your collections. Have too many spoons? Bought another mug you don’t need? Snuck another coat into your bulging closet? Celebrate abundance.

I just bought a wonderful little Stonehenge mug at Salvation Army and I LOVE it. I put my morning oats in there and delight in my new found treasure. Guilt? No way, José.

#2- Need a way to zone out while doing the mundane? Oh, mes amis, podcasts delight, distract, disturb, de-stress.

I’m a fan of Thriftycast, which features two friends talking of their thrift shop finds, scores and misses. They kill me, and very often I am laughing out loud.

Other podcasts? I love The Daily from the New York Times, My Favorite Murder and the ever-best Fresh Air with Terry Gross. My life is enhanced via eavesdropping electronically. I love it.

#3- Sleep. A lot. Why not? It’s good for you, de-stresses and makes you an all around better person.

#4- Get outside. Move, walk, sit in the sun, swim, skate, delight in the stars, the clouds, the rain, the wind. It’s free, it’s beautiful, it’s necessary.

#5- Vote. It’s free, it’s beautiful, it’s necessary.

#6 — Finally, celebrate the all-wonderful you.

It’s been a long haul, and you deserve to relax. Sleep, get outside, vote, look in the mirror and your closet and say, “FABULOUS!”

Twenty-twenty-two? Oh, dear Voguers, ’tis all about YOU. Stay safe, dear readers, and enjoy it all.

Happy New Year!

Susan Dromey Heeter writes and teaches on the Seacoast. Contact her at dromeheet@comcast.net.