If you’re a Budget Vogue fashionista, you’re always thinking ahead, wondering how you can remain frugal and fashionable, trendy and debt free.

As for me? I just bought a coat I did not need, a piece of fashion so beautiful it should be framed: a down jacket, sky blue, velvet. Yes, velvet, baby.

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Velvet, sky and down belong together. When I saw this jacket on sale for a third of its regular price, I grabbed it in June. It arrived on a sweltering hot day. I tried it on over my bathing suit and sighed — this will be lovely in October, in November and well into March of 2021. It’s good to think ahead to the cold, to what may come down the pike.

And, if you’ve been walking a lot more, cycling, it’s wonderful to have rediscovered the outside, the freedom of a beautiful sky above. Today is so blue as to be as lovely as my new coat. Alas, we live in New England, and we may have blue skies in December and January, but it’s a little more of a challenge to get out and love them as much as we may in June and July.

So, dear Budget Vogue fashionistas, that’s where thinking ahead comes in — to the coziness of what may be a very, very long winter. Invest in coziness now: a velvet down jacket, cashmere anything, fluffy slippers.

And as for activity? Is June and July not the best time to get ice skates? Cross-country skis? A sled?

Of course it is, dear readers! You’re outside now; be sure to continue that love of all that is New England.

If you’re a hiker, get some year-round hiking shoes, knowing the trails you’ve been loving are open in winter as well. But it’ll be cold, so prepare now. Get cozy, get ready. Fluffy slippers will be your friend, flip flops only a memory.

Loving the beach? Why not get a wetsuit? That ocean won’t freeze — why not jump in during a January thaw, a February snow storm? It’ll get you out and it’ll be a day you remember.

And what about some flannel sheets? Oh, to swim in the frigid water and return to a warm bed! Oh, almost as good as that new velvet jacket.

If you’ve been around family a lot during COVID-19, you might have spent some time with games and puzzles. I’ve played Yahtzee at least 786 times, won about five and embraced the throwing of dice. Summer and yard sales are beautiful opportunities to think of the indoors — people are parting with games like socks. Bask in the opportunity of preparedness.

And that’s really what it’s about — thinking ahead, embracing what is, accepting the times as they are.

And, dear Budget Voguers, get ready, think ahead, stay frugal, stay healthy, embrace the now but look toward our cooler times. You’ll be glad you did. As for me? I’ll embrace the velvet, the down and the blue skies — year round.

Susan Dromey Heeter writes and teaches on the Seacoast. Contact her at dromeheet@comcast.net.