The next time I apply for a job, I’m going to put down in the skills section on my resume that I am a great sleeper.

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Yes, Budget Voguers, I can sleep anywhere, anytime and, according to my husband, can be out like a light in less that five minutes. It’s an art I have worked on for a lifetime, a talent I owe to clean living, exercise, no electronics near the bedroom and an incredible talent to make a bed.

That last skill I delight in. Every night. I know how to make up a bed. I thrill in sheets, in soft pillows, in duvet covers. Currently, my bed is adorned with flannel, it will soon be time to switch to cotton, to lightweight duvet covers, to soft, well loved, well worn cotton made in Turkey and in Germany.

As a Budget Vogue fashionista, I thrill in the sheets section of a thrift shop, delight in finding vintage bed linens; I scour the shelves for Garnet Hill, for anything European made, feel the textures of thread counts.

When I lived in Europe, I learned not only how to order coffee in a few different languages, I also learned how to create a fabulous bed. I love a simple duvet with a light cover, delight in a few beautiful down pillows, bask in the glow of a warm, cozy nest.

My cousin and I were discussing bed clothes the other day, thrilling in sleep and sharing how much we love our beds. Mary remarked, “Sometimes I go in early and turn down the covers, get it ready to jump into hours before it’s time to go to bed. I make it special, welcoming.”

I so get it. There is nothing better than welcoming sheets, soft pillows, a respite from all things COVID, all things political, all things scary.

My daughters do not celebrate my culinary skills; they rarely ask me to cook them special meals. I’m pretty good at making whoopie pies and meatballs but that’s about it. But when I make up their beds, when they arrive home from college or back from a trip and I’ve changed their sheets, well, that is my superpower. It’s got to count for something.

And, yes, for me, sleep counts for a lot; a good bed is akin to gold. And sheets? Sheets are beloved friends to envelop the soul and create a soft landing after a long day.

May you, Budget Voguers, sleep well, sleep fashionably, sleep cozy and, every so often, sleep very, very late.

Susan Dromey Heeter writes and teaches on the Seacoast. Contact her at

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