LET’S FACE IT, Nashua and New Hampshire as a whole stand on solid footing despite the global pandemic and its crippling effects on cities and towns across the country.

I haven’t heard one person tell me lately that they plan to move out of Nashua for a better horizon and one richer with jobs, housing, greener pastures for retirement, better schools, etc.

OK, so the property taxes here are high, and that’s becoming a growing issue, but the Gate City still offers an awesome physical location, a low crime rate, vibrant downtown, strong economic engine and more. And most folks here are willing to pay the price for the quality lifestyle that Nashua provides.

What is interesting is what’s going on outside of our borders, especially across New England. Apparently, many Americans are on the move, according to a recent article at Moneywise.com.

Writer Esther Trattner found that some states are having trouble keeping their residents. She looked at 25 states with “the highest percentage of state-to-state moves.”

Connecticut, outbound moves: 62%

Rhode Island, outbound moves of 49.2%

Maine, outbound moves: 50.6%

Massachusetts, outbound moves: 55.7%

The information was compiled by United Van Lines, the long-distance moving company that’s been around for years, since 1928 to be exact. The company conducts an annual study. What’s fascinating is the state of the Garden State.

Once again, New Jersey has been named as one of the leading 10 move-out states in each of the last 10 years.

It placed first this time with outbound moves of 66.8%.

The 2019 United Van Lines report has New Hampshire with 47.2% outbound moves, with 52.8% inbound.

The primary reason for moving out is listed as “job,” with “family” being the top reason for moving into the Granite State, followed closely by “job.”

Speaking of lists, Nashua placed 71st by Money.com in 2019 for the Best Place to Live in America out of 100 cities. We were the only New Hampshire city to be recognized

I hope the Gate City could pick up a more enviable position this time around.

Number One would be incredible, but I would settle for the top 10 best places to live in the nation.

Our city had an excellent record with Money Magazine — hailed best place twice already.

By the time this column hits, the 2020 version of Money.com’s famous list (owned by Meredith Corporation) could be online, so keep your fingers crossed, Nashuans!

Joan Stylianos is a Nashua native. Her column is published weekly. She can be reached at jtania512@gmail.com.