HAVE YOU EVER wondered why the mayor and board of aldermen voted to approve a certain project that you didn’t particularly care for?

It could be a building or a piece of land or an item that you find to be an eyesore, inappropriate for its use, in the wrong location, etc.

I know I have and will name two of them that I have previously mentioned in columns.

But I should add, why didn’t I speak up? Why didn’t I attend meetings open to the public to deliver my feelings on the matter?

I’m not alone. Most of us complain after the fact when we could be active participants in our city’s planning and future.

For example, my first gripe is located in the heart of Nashua.

The JFK bust has graced City Hall Plaza for 50-plus years. It used to proudly stand front and center with his face looking east across Main Street. The monument was perfectly symmetrical in its placement and lined up beautifully with the double doors of city hall all the way up to the cupola, mounted clock and majestic golden eagle statue on top.

In 2016, the monument was moved to the left side of the plaza, and a black iron fence encases the bust and pedestal. Poor Mr. Kennedy now faces north to the back of a building. There are also plants added inside the fencing. I find that disrespectful. Please, the bust is not a decorative planter. On a positive note, residents enjoy a rebuilt, modern, expanded plaza.

My next silent gripe is the monstrous CVS Pharmacy located at the corner of Main and East Hollis Streets. It’s a hop, skip and a jump across to City Hall. I’m a proud patron of the CVS brand, but this building is too close for comfort and practically sitting on top of traffic. It’s just asking for a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident to occur.

This brings me to 2 Court Street. Now, here’s a chance to speak up.

The city and library’s board of trustees are redesigning Nashua Public Library Plaza in preparation for the library’s 50th anniversary in 2021. The public is invited to take a look at the preliminary plans and offer feedback this evening, Thursday, May 23, at 6 p.m. in the Chandler Wing at the Nashua Public Library.

If you’re interested, then please let your voice be heard.

According to a news release by Carol Luers Eyman, NPL’s outreach coordinator, a renovation is in order because the plaza landscape has physically shifted over the years, and the outdoor area doesn’t function as effectively as it could. Designers are looking at an “innovative renovation for the multilevel plaza area between the library building and the adjacent city-owned building at 14 Court Street.”

CRJA-IBI Group has been tapped for the project. The company is an award-winning landscape architectural design and environmental planning practice with offices in Boston and Knoxville.

I think this is a fantastic renovation project for a city plaza that always provides top-notch performances and events, and the invitation to the public to get involved is a nice touch.

The library tells me that if you’re unable to attend the meeting, you may view the plans online at nashualibrary.org/news/plaza-renovation-project and submit your feedback via email to the library director at jennifer.mccormack@nashualibrary.org.

Ms. Stylianos is a Nashua native. Her column is published weekly. She can be reached at jtania512@gmail.com.