Growing up here in Nashua, Fields Grove became a childhood obsession. My home’s location at the far end of Lawndale Ave. gave me a quick wooded path down to Salmon Brook (about a two-minute walk). It was one of my special spots even though I only knew how to dog-paddle and never jumped off the high or low diving boards.

The grove was extremely popular and crowded and offered swimmers of all ages a wonderful Gate City beach of sorts (including the sand) and a simple way to enjoy a friendly community gathering during those hot summer days.


When I wasn’t hanging out at Fields Grove, my family and cousins were staying at Hampton Beach. In my teens, I spent hours and hours by the sea and even sneaked into the nearby motel swimming pools (Spindrift and Bailey’s) when my friends and I wanted a taste of the luxe pool life. I admit I was a harmless delinquent at times.

I have always been near water, which is odd because I have a fear of drowning. Then again, I am the Water Bearer with an Aquarius sun and Pisces moon (the two fishes). Go ahead and laugh, but there could be some deep connection there.

I know I’m not alone. Just about everyone on the planet has a favorite water spot whether they’re near it, in it, on it or under it.

People like being around the “blue space,” according to psychological studies. In fact, water makes us happier, and interestingly, our human babies are about 78 percent water by weight. So if you can get the family down to the river, lake, ocean or pool during these blistering hot and humid July days, it would be a really good thing. Giving the body up to gravity is also calming and restorative as we physically enter the water.

By the way, our city offers three full-size public swimming pools, two wading pools and one splash pad:

• Centennial Pool is located next to Holman Stadium on Sargents Avenue right between the tennis courts and playground.

• Crown Hill Pool is located next to Girls Incorporated on Burke Street.

• Rotary Pool is located next to the Fairgrounds Elementary School on Cleveland Street.

• Rotary Wading Pool is located next to the Fairgrounds Elementary School on Cleveland Street.

• Greeley Park Wading Pool is located in Greeley Park on Concord Street near the playground and gazebo.

• Splash Pad is located next to Sandy Pond on National Street at the right-hand side of the road.

Best of all, the pools don’t cost a dime and have lifeguards on hand, from what I understand. These public water spots are open seven days a week, weather permitting.

Paid swimming lessons are also offered three times during the season. Session 3 will start up Monday, Aug. 5 – Friday, Aug. 16.

For more about our city’s swimming pools, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 603-589-3370. Superintendent Nicholas Caggiano is a well-regarded city official and accessible when you’re looking for answers.

You can also find information at the city of Nashua website,

Here’s wishing you all some peaceful blue space this summer.

Ms. Stylianos is a Nashua native. Her column is published weekly. She can be reached at