“She came in through the bathroom window.”

Abbey Road, The Beatles, and in my estimation, perhaps their finest album. But in this case, I’m referring to the ladybugs that keep appearing on my bathroom window.

I didn’t know quite what to make of it during the latter part of winter, but I soon learned that these adorable, harmless little insects like to find a warm corner during the cold months to hibernate, and often, that comes via people’s homes and garages, especially here in New England. All it takes is a tiny crack in and around a window, door, clapboard or pipe to allow these little ones to squeeze into your humble abode.

When spring arrives the ladybugs return outdoors, but with Nashua’s brisk morning temperatures in the 20s and 30s lately, my spotted guests don’t care to budge.

I found a new one in there the other day, and she literally came in through the bathroom window.

Hopefully, she is bringing her symbolic good luck with her, but I don’t recall seeing anything thing like that before.

It must be a sign of the times

Shoppers were running around for last-minute Easter items at Globe Plaza on Main Street surrounded by several mounds of snow that refuse to melt away.

At the same time, a bunch of gulls were making their journey to the plaza to nibble on any leftovers they could find in fast food parking lots. These unfussy feeders choose parking lots because of the wide open view to zero-in on edibles, and they can congregate for dining. It’s eerily reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” It’s a strange scene watching them swoop down between the stubborn snow piles and the warming spring air, but like clockwork they never miss a beat.

Another sign of the times

When schools have to equip themselves with a supply of Narcan to prevent a deadly opioid overdose, it’s a clear indication that for all the progress we made through the decades, some things are better, and some things are worse. We are a technologically advanced people with the know-how to create incredible things, and here we are, fighting against a synthetically-made monster known as opioids, and it’s killing our loved ones.

The Salem School District recently voted to provide the overdose reversal drug at the high school. Nashua and Manchester school districts are already stocked up on Narcan as a safety measure. The drug is available should a student, faculty or staff member or even school visitor require it — sad but true.

And remember the days when teens carried a rifle in the back of their pickup truck to go hunting after school?

Today, the world is a very different place, and students now live with the fear that another mass shooting could occur.

It must be a sign of the times, and yet, “hope springs eternal.”

“Here comes the sun....”

Ms. Stylianos is a Nashua native. Her column is published weekly. She can be reached at jtania512@gmail.com.