Illustration in the Boston Globe, Aug. 5, 1905, touting President Theodore Roosevelt’s efforts to facilitate peace talks between Russia and Japan. Shown at left, top and bottom, are Russian delegates Sergei Witte and Baron Roman Rosen, and right, top and bottom, Japanese delegates Jutaro Komura and Kogoro Takahira.

The event that took place at Oyster Bay, N.Y., aboard the presidential yacht, the USS Mayflower, on Saturday, Aug. 5, 1905, was carefully orchestrated. President Theodore Roosevelt greeted the key plenipotentiaries representing Russia and Japan.

The two warring factions were about to face a critical negotiation process intended to bring an end to the Russo-Japanese war that had been raging since February 1904. President Theodore Roosevelt had stepped forward to organize and mediate the peace process, which cast the United States in a major diplomatic role on the world stage.

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