Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Enjoy this extra Special Edition

When last we left our hero (that would be me), our office relocation within the Union Leader building was nearly complete. It still is.

What astounds me is how the people here have managed to produce good newspapers and get them delivered to you (with some icy delays thrown in) despite all the chaos. (I’m not even counting the background noise of grandsons Mike and Spike, who got laid low by some bug last week and were using my couch as a temporary shelter.)

On top of that, this morning’s newspaper truly rates the “Special Edition” designation we have given it.

It includes our annual 40 Under Forty supplement, which has grown in status over the years as it recognizes some of New Hampshire’s best and brightest younger men and women.

But as you have no doubt noticed, our front page and in fact the first two sections of the newspaper are radically different today.

New Hampshire is both blessed and cursed with a very low unemployment rate. That’s good that so many people have jobs. But it makes it difficult on companies large and small that are in need of workers.

Our “New Year, New Job” issue is one of the Union Leader’s efforts to help. We have worked with state economic and employment agencies as well as the Stay WorkPlay New Hampshire organization to promote this focus on jobs — and the great state in which they are available.

The sections are also part of today’s eEdition. I expect it will be shared far beyond New Hampshire’s borders.

In “selling” New Hampshire as a place to stay, work, and play, one need look no further than the answer that one in our new 40 Under Forty class gave to the question: What would make New Hampshire more attractive to young professionals?

“Is it not already?” replied Andrew Cushing, 28, of Grafton.

“I always tell my friends that they are missing out by living in Colorado, Manhattan, or Vermont,” Cushing said, making the point that, “If we don’t like what we see in our towns, the onus is on us to craft that more attractive community.”

Cushing and his 40 Under Forty classmates are all doing their part in making New Hampshire communities more attractive. Read their stories. I think you will be impressed.

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