Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Failing our first pop quiz

Patrick “Mack” McCarthy is scheduled to be buried today at the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen.

The longtime owner of Amoskeag European Auto Specialists was more than a veteran (first sergeant, B Battery, National Guard). He was very much appreciative of all service by military vets.

McCarthy and his wife, Karen, started a military appreciation night years ago with the Fisher Cats ball club in Manchester. That event phased out a few years ago but now the team continues the tradition with an annual welcome home event for vets and active military. It’s on Memorial Day. I think “Mack” would be proud.

On more mundane topics, readers of our Saturday edition (available through the eEdition outside southern New Hampshire) may have noticed a new puzzle page. At least temporarily, it has taken the place of our yard sales feature. Yard sales tend to slow down as winter approaches.

I say “temporarily” for the new page for a couple of reasons. First, we hope enough readers like the page enough for us to continue it. If that happens, then we will need to find a place for it in the spring, when yard sales blossom again.

One of the three items featured on the page is not a puzzle. It is called a “super quiz.”

Judging by the first one, it wasn’t so super.

Several questions were about African Americans who were the “first” to do or be something. I thought Michelle Obama was the first black First Lady but according to the super quiz, the correct answer was “cribbage.”

Same with the third question. The first black to win the Masters Golf tourney? I would have bet the farm on it being Tiger Woods, but our super quiz said the answer was “bridge.”

Worse, the super quiz carries a scoring chart. If you get almost all correct answers, it says, “you’re plenty smart.”

But if you get only three points, you need to “enroll in remedial courses immediately.”

Score a zero? The super quiz wants to know “who reads the questions to you?”

My kind of humor, I will admit. But kind of cheeky of these people to be so critical when they can’t get their own correct answers.

It turns out, the puzzle page supplier had accidentally sent six questions from one quiz and three from another, hence the crazy answers.

All is now supposed to be on track, so I await word from you readers as to whether you give the page a thumbs up or a thumbs down. And if the quiz ever asks who is buried in Grant’s Tomb, ignore it.

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