Summer, such as it has been, flies by. I do not eagerly await its passing, but I am looking forward to an event at the end of August.

I have been asked to help “roast” former Gov. John H. Sununu on Thursday evening, Aug. 30, at the Castleton in Windham. The event is partisan, in that it raises money for the state Republican Party.

But I think the Democrats could have the same roast with the same roastee and quite possibly reap the same revenue. The former governor is a political target of equal opportunity.

The roast’s sponsors used an interesting choice of words in announcing that Chuck Douglas and I will be among the roasters. Chuck is a former congressman and state supreme court justice, among other things.

According to the announcement, the GOP was “excited to roll out” Chuck and me.

“Roll out?”

A friend said we were lucky the release didn’t just say “wheel out.”

I can’t wait to see the description of fellow roaster Steve Merrill, who must be pushing 100 by now,

The release also said that we and former White House chief of staff Andy Card, as well as political legend Dave Carney, “will honor and pay tribute to the service” that Sununu has provided to the state and to the nation.

That’s not what I signed up for. I come not to praise Sununu but to burn him.

The Mount Washington Observatory is also anticipating the end of summer. Its website was reporting last week that it is near deadline time for prepping some of its high-tech measuring equipment for, yikes, winter.

One piece of Obs’ equipment that is always in working order is Jack Middleton, longtime Obs trustee who doubles as a Manchester lawyer.

An acquaintance sent me a note that at their recent annual meeting the trustees presented Jack with a polished slab of granite. It is etched with the words “Jack Middleton Weather Room” and will be put up in the Obs’ instrument room.

Fitting for Jack. He has caused a bit of weather on many fronts.

Looking a bit further ahead, The Bookery on Elm Street in downtown Manchester has invited me to come speak about my own Mt. Washington days. “Cog Days” is the memoir. I’d love to see you there Wednesday, Sept. 5, at 7 p.m.

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