SADLY THE NEW England Patriots cannot win the Super Bowl every year, though it may have seemed that way heading into Super Bowl LXII.

New England football fans have been spoiled this century with five championships, 12 trips to the AFC Championship Game, and seemingly endless highlights from future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Sandra Levesque from Hancock writes in today to take issue with our front page last Monday (see above), which showed Brady losing a fumble late in the Super Bowl.

With all of Brady’s “great plays,” in that game and throughout his career, why did we decide “to show a poor one”?

In the pulse-pounding loss to the Eagles, Brady threw for more than 500 yards and three touchdowns. With 2:16 left, Brady was poised to take the Patriots back down the field for yet another Super Bowl-winning drive when Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham broke through the pocket to knock the ball out of Brady’s hand.

It was the single biggest play of the game and we used a picture of it on our front page last Monday.

We would certainly have preferred to show Brady hoisting his sixth Lombardi Trophy, but that didn’t happen. We could have used a picture of one of Brady’s touchdown passes, but that would not have accurately reflected the game’s outcome.

It is our job to deliver the news to you, good and bad.

We hope to be able to provide you with triumphant pictures of Kyrie Irving, Patrice Bergeron and Mookie Betts later this year. And Brady may well be back in Super Bowl LIII. We’re rooting for a better picture next year, too.

Grant Bosse is editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News. Joe McQuaid will return next week.